PhD, Technical Physics

MBA, Business Administration





Research topics


·            Lasers and Optics (diffractive optics, fractal geometry, image analysis & reconstruction)

·            Time series analysis & simulation (multifractality, chaos, statistics)

·            Econo-physics (non linear dynamics, modeling & forecast)

·            S&T governance (scientometry, competitiveness, decision making, foresight)

Relevant work



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Co-chair, Analysis and Control of Chaotic Systems Queen Mary University, London, 2009,

·        Invited speaker, UNESCO Workshop on Trends and Challenges in South Eastern Europe, E. Scarlat, Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators: Recent Developments in the Production of S&T Statistics and Indicators in SEE Countries, Cyril & Methodius Univ. Skopje, 27-31 March, 2007.

·        Award, E.I. Scarlat, C. Scarlat, Chaotic approach for assessing the management decentralization. The case of Romania, Proc. Int. Conf. MIC, Barcelona, Spain, (2008), 78-89.

·        Invited speaker, Summer School on Science & Technology Foresight, E.I. Scarlat, Country Profile – Romania, (ISBN 06-RC-E-04-1-1), Korea Int. Coop. Agency Korea & Seul National Univ ersity, 17 Aug.-2 Sept., 2006.

·        Scientific media events - channel TVR 2: Copper vapour laser (22kHz repetition rate, 5kW peak power, produced by Renata Tatomir, 2001.




·        Physics for Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management, part 2 (in Romanian: Sisteme termodinamice, Elemente de electromagnetism, Fotonica Radiatia termica, Fotonica Lasere, Econo-fizica)

·        Other: General Physics (view content), The Physics of Laser (view content), Molecular Physics (view content).




Research Contracts



·        << Electrically stimulated micro-scaffold for tissue engineering >>, UPB Project Manager, ID no. 2011-3.1-1187 UEFISCDI, 2011-2014, 2MROL.

·        <<Predictability Criterion for the Non Linear Dynamics of the Economic Systems Based on Multifractal Properties of the Read Out Time Series: the Case of Romania>>, General Project Manager, ID no.1556 CNCSIS, 2009-2011, 690kROL.

·        <<Correlated Use of the Cancer Markers TPS and CA15-3 in Neoplasic Mammary Desease Prognoses>>, UPB Project Manager, VIASAN no. 307/2004, 2004-2007, 10 MROL.


·     <<Join Physicists In Festival MYPHY>>, WP impact, ID no. 244978 / 2009, PEOPLE-NIGHT-2009, 51340‚ UR.

·     <<Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research  FAIR>>, ANCS ST package, ID no. 211382/2007, INFRA-2007-, 2007-2011, 196740.

·     <<Innovation Center Technology A Way To Improve the Skills For The Young Entrepreneurs>>, UPB tech. trans., ID no. III-013-02, 2003-2005, 156720US$.

·     <<Research on Laser Beam Irradiation for Photonic Micro-Machining and Optical Engineering>>, Copper laser design, WB46182/1997, 1997-2000, 10kUS$.