Doctoral School

Faculty of Applied, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest





Possible Applications


Possible applications in: industry, telecommunications, nuclear energy, biology, medicine, chemistry and Extreme Light Infrastructure project.


EXTREME LIGHT INFRASTRUCTURE (ELI) is an European scientific research project initiated in 2005 in which 13 European countries collaborate for the fabrication of the most powerful laser of the world. Czech, Romania and Hungary will fabricate each a part of this project. More specific, in these three countries will be fabricated several high power lasers in some domain of studies concerning the ultra high light intensity. In Romania (ELI-NUCLEAR PHYSICS (ELI-NP) project) the lasers will be fabricated in National Institute for Research and Development for Physics and Nuclear Engineering „Horia Hulubei”, Măgurele, the objective being the study of the nuclear physics using laser beams coupled with gamma beams